UL Benchmarks Teases 3DMark Port Royal with Real Time Ray Tracing


UL Benchmarks’ 3DMark suite of benchmarks is going to get a new addition in the form of Port Royal, making use of the DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API. The benchmark will be shown to the public at GALAX GOC 2018 Grand Final, which will take place on 8 December in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The benchmark depicts a futuristic space scene (and not a Caribbean scene as the name would imply, with Port Royal being located in Jamaica)), with lots of mirror surfaces and extreme poly-count objects, and will be the first real time ray tracing benchmark offering shadows and reflections with detail not seen previously in benchmarks where traditional render methods are used.

3DMark Port Royal was developed with input from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and other leading technology companies. We worked especially closely with Microsoft to create a first-class implementation of the DirectX Raytracing API.

Port Royal will require a graphics card with drivers that support DXR, which limits the market severely for early adopters. More graphics cards are expecting to get DXR support in 2019, so this will of course change.

With NVIDIA pushing ray tracing very hard and now UL/Futuremark giving it a push as well, ray tracing is unlikely to go the same route as HairWorks and will likely become mainstream sooner than people anticipate.

3DMark Port Royal will be available for purchase from January 2019. More details as well as a press release pricing will be available on 8 December.