To RGB or Not To RGB? DeepCool RGB 350 Kit Overview


While pondering what to write in my first article I remembered that I promised proof of my discovery that RGB does in fact improve gaming performance. Now, while I can almost imagine many of you calling us back to reality: “don’t go towards the light, Joe” others will have sworn their undying loyalty to over-zealous luminous lighting that may potentially blind them, I ask that all bear with me for a moment as I state my case to both the nays and the yays.

I remember the first time I heard the words Aura Sync, gravely mistaking it for some very cool new performance tech and then fits of shameful laughter once the truth came to light. Asus has years of research and hundreds of researchers and this is what they bring us? Seriously, I thought their lab techs had gone breaking bad. And then, like having tasted sour worms for the first time and after getting past the unbearable jaw-locking disappointment you realize there is something about it that may just make you go back to the store and buy it again, the RGB starts to grow on you.

Skip a few months and a couple of linustech videos and I’m ordering myself a Deepcool RGB 350 kit (shoutout to Otocon). So, this isn’t exactly Aura Sync but since I’m still on 4th Gen, and won’t be upgrading anytime soon, this is the closest I’ll get to it. The wait for it was almost unbearable, only slightly dampened by the underlying dread of disappointment that it may not be as deeply cool as the company would make you believe.

The day it arrives I waste no time getting it slapped in (magnetic strips and small design make this a quick and easy task) and powered on. It lights up like a shiny treasure chest at the end of a dungeon and I’m officially amazed. It took me a while to get the whole set-up right but after scrolling through some options on the super easy to use remote control and moving around the LED strips I must have gone into a hypnotic trance as the Girlfriend struggled to drag me away from my shiny new box.

Since then I have clocked, hmmm I guess, over three hours a day of gaming which is a lot when you have a 7 to 5 job and a Girlfriend at home. This is mostly influenced by that fact that like Pavlov’s dogs I’ve been conditioned to be rewarded by an array of lights every time I press the power button. I know, I know, some of you are saying small things… but I guess like a moth drawn to the flame we are all inevitably attracted towards the light.

So, does RGB improve overall gaming performance? If you are the type of person going around at parties explaining why Intel is better than AMD you’re probably going to disagree with me. But that’s not why we buy AMD and for the same reasons: yes, RGB lights does improve performance. In terms of measurable computer performance, well you’d probably have to be quite gullible to even investigate the matter any further but it has managed to keep me glued to my computer screen consistently for the past two weeks and that has given me quite a few hours of gaming pleasure and more importantly experience which has improved my gaming performance.

Should you buy RGB then, I’d say that depends on your taste. For me its an definite hell yeah!

Pro tips for those considering RGB:

  • The Deepcool RGB 350 Kit can be picked up at a pretty affordable price if you are not yet ready to upgrade to an Aura Sync or similar compatible system.
  • The amount of ports on the Deepcool RGB 350 kit are limited although I have not yet tried a splitter. Will be connecting RGB fans to this here as my next little project.
  • The amount of options on the Deepcool RGB 350 kit is very limited, still deeply cool though.
  • Yes, it can be switched off if you need to run those torrents at night and don’t feel like waking up to the red-light district.
  • No, it’s not for the faint of heart and I’m pretty sure you’d have to check with your doctor first if you have a medical condition that is directly linked to light (no jokes).
  • Avoid the blue/purple lights if you are going through the hormonal teenage years.

May RGB shine upon you.


John Scheffer

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