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ENERMAX Readies AQUAFUSION, the Splendid ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler Series


ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, announces the launch of AQUAFUSION, a new closed-loop liquid cooler series. The new addressable RGB CPU cooler lineup is characterized by a unique Aurabelt water-block and ENERMAX SquA RGB fans for brilliant LED lighting effects.

Besides the stunning lighting, AQUAFUSION features ENERMAX’s patented cooling technology, Shunt-Channel-Technology (SCT) cold-plate design; the SCT can prevent the formation of the boundary layer and enhance the liquid flow inside the cold-plate, which helps reduce the formation of hot spots.

Newly Upgraded EK-Annihilator PRO for Both Narrow and Square ILM Type Sockets


EK Water Blocks, the leading premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer is releasing revised server grade EK-Annihilator PRO water blocks that are specifically developed for LGA 3647 (Socket P) Intel processors. The two variants of the water blocks cover Square and Narrow ILM socket mountings by choice. The core of the new CPU water block was further refined to manage the growing heat dissipation of new processors and to further upgrade connectivity options for server rack requirements. The new server/workstation-grade CPU block is 1U chassis type compatible for use with server racks.

Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Platinum SE All-White Liquid Cooler Launching Soon


White has been making another comeback lately, and Corsair has been paying attention with a slew of white products now available including RAM, peripherals and the new H100i RGB Platinum SE 240mm AIO cooler.

Swiftech Launches New Generation Boreas Liquid Cooling Kits


Swiftech today announced the release of their new generation Boreas liquid cooling kits.

The Boreas liquid cooling kits are expected to strongly reinforce the company’s offerings to the high-end DIY market space by incorporating new or upgraded technology, and by making several new key components available for individual sales; all major visible devices feature Addressable RGB lighting compatible with Swiftech’s IRIS technology as well as leading brand motherboards that offer Addressable LED support.

ENERMAX Expands LIQFUSION RGB Liquid Cooler Lineup with 360 Version


ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, is expanding the acclaimed RGB liquid cooler series, LIQFUSION, with the addition of a 360mm AIO cooler. After the launch of the 240 variant, LIQFUSION has got users’ attention and recognition for its cooling performance and brilliant lighting effects. With the larger cooling surface, LIQFUSION 360 is able to easily handle a large amount of heat produced by the overclocked CPUs. Moreover, LIQFUSION comes with an addressable RGB-sync waterblock featuring patented flow indicator, which allows the users to monitor the status of coolant flow. Along with ENERMAX addressable RGB fans, LIQFUSION can create visual appealing lighting effects.

The Past Can be the Future with EK Classic


EK, the leading premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, announces the global launch of their new Classic Product Line. It includes an NVIDIA RTX 2000 series GPU block, CPU blocks for both the most popular AMD and Intel platforms, and a pump-reservoir combo unit. Whether you only care about cooling performance, or just prefer the clean and timeless design of EK, the Classic Line will fulfill all your needs.

Thermaltake New Coolant P1000 Pastel and T1000 Transparent at CES 2019


Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear and Enthusiast Memory solutions, today released the latest coolant products– P1000 Pastel Coolant Series and T1000 Transparent Coolant Series at the Venetian Hotel Veronese 2402 Suite from January 8th (Tue) to 11th (Fri). Thermaltake P1000 Pastel Coolant Series and Thermaltake T1000 Transparent Coolant Series are both designed with TT lastest formula to be used as anti-corrosion protection fluid and heat-transfer medium for PC water-cooling.

EVGA Launches All-in-One Coolers for Their GeForce RTX Graphics Cards


EVGA has released four all-in-one liquid coolers for their GeForce RTX cards called Hybrid Kits. The Hybrid Kits combine liquid and air cooling with an AIO water block and pump combination which attaches directly to the GPU, along with a heatsink cooled by a 100mm fan which cools the VRMs. There is also a base plate that covers the memory and surrounding areas, pulling heat to the AIO block. The water block connects to a 120mm radiator to dissipate the heat generated by the card.

EK is Releasing Velocity D-RGB CPU Blocks with Addressable LED Customization


After the release of 14 initial versions of EK’s flagship Velocity CPU block its time to bring something new to the table. A little bit of refresh in form of digital (addressable) LEDs which will enable all the cool effects you can cook up with ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Lights, Gigabyte RGB Fusion ASRock Polychrome Sync or other compatible external Digital RGB controllers. The main difference is that each LED can shine a different color at any given time, unlike normal RGB LEDs which all have to be one color at a specific time.

ENERMAX Launches LIQTECH II, Universal AIO Liquid Cooler


ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, announces the launch of a new all-in-one liquid cooler series, LIQTECH II. Responding the market demand of cooling solution for high-end CPUs, LIQTECH II can deliver enthusiast-grade cooling capacity of 500+ watts (TDP) and is compatible with both Intel and AMD sockets (except AMD sTR4).

New iCHILL FROSTBITE by INNO3D is the First Water Cooling Solution for the GeForce RTX series


INNO3D, a leading manufacturer of pioneering high-end multimedia components and various innovations is excited to introduce the new iCHILL Frostbite. The brains in R&D have revisited the water cooling solution segment of iCHILL and developed this water block masterpiece. It is designed around NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX series 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070, providing nothing short of excellent cooling for these powerhouse of graphics cards.

ID-Cooling Releases AURAFLOW X 240 Budget RGB AIO Water Cooler


ID-COOLING a cooling solution provider focusing on thermal dissipation and fan technology research and production for over 10 years, announced AURAFLOW X 240 AIO water cooler, featuring the newly developed powerful pump and 12V RGB lighting on both the pump and fans at the same time synchronizing with motherboard RGB control.

EK Full-Cover RGB Water Block for 1080 Ti AORUS Graphics Cards


With a blast from the past EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia-based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer is releasing probably the last ever Pascal series EK Full Cover GPU water block, the EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Aorus RGB. It is compatible with GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti based graphics cards. This kind of efficient cooling will allow your high-end graphics card to reach higher boost clocks, thus providing more performance during gaming or other GPU intense tasks.

EK Makes ‘Quantum’ Leap with New Addition of Vector and Velocity Water Blocks


EK, the leading premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, announces the global launch of their new high-end Quantum Product Line. It includes the roll-out of their first two top-of-the-line water block products: Velocity and Vector.

“It has been six years since EK initially introduced the CSQ design language, the first of its kind in the industry,” said Edvard König, EK’s Founder and CEO. “It disrupted the market and set the bar for how water blocks were designed. We knew it was time to raise that bar again, and we developed our Quantum Line to do just that.”

Aqua Computer D5 NEXT – Smart Pump with Integrated LED & Fan Controller


Aqua Computer is presenting its latest generation of coolant pumps today. The D5 NEXT is a new development based mechanically on the proven Laing D5 pump with highly advanced electronics and a wide range of functions.

The pump is mechanically divided by Aqua Computer into a motor unit and an electronics unit which can be plugged together. This simplifies assembly and helps with maintenance.

A special design feature is a decoupling system already integrated into the pump which significantly eases installation and effectively prevents noise caused by vibrations.

Thermaltake Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition Designed for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080/2080Ti Graphic Cards


Taipei, Taiwan-September 20th, 2018-Thermaltake Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition RGB water block is officially available for pre-order on the TT Premium website. The RGB water block is especially designed for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphic cards. The Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition combines style with functionality; designed with a software-controllable 16.8 million colors LED strip that allows users to customize the lighting effects through our patented TT RGB PLUS Software with the TT AI Voice Control function and Amazon Alexa Voice Service. The RGB waterblock features 0.5mm internal fin construction and a high-flow water block that enables the coolant to flow directly over all critical areas, and the CNC machined copper base fully prevents corrosion to achieve unparalleled cooling performance. Thermaltake also took user convenience into consideration when crafting the Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series. Through the universal mounting mechanism, users can easily install the RGB waterblock onto their graphic card without using any tools. The Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition delivers superior cooling performance, functionality, and customized RGB style for PC builders.

EK is Releasing Velocity, a New Generation of CPU Water Blocks


EK Water Blocks is proud to introduce the new generation of high-performance water blocks for popular AMD and Intel CPU sockets, the EK-Velocity. The new CPU water block will be available in a total of 14 versions featuring intricate RGB lit models, and down to simple minimalistic bare copper cold plate versions as well.

The inspiration for the new CPU block name “Velocity” was inspired by the necessity to be lean and agile in the world of liquid cooling. A high-performance CPU water block is no good if it is too restrictive on the flow and it is bottlenecking your entire cooling loop. Efficient coolant flow and performance should go hand in hand, and neither of the two should be sacrificed for one another.

EK Releases EK-Vector RTX 2000 Series Water Blocks For GeForce RTX Cards


EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia based water cooling gear manufacturer, is introducing its new generation of high-performance water blocks for the newly announced NVIDIA GeForce RTX series graphics cards, based on Turing TU104 and Turing TU102 graphics processor. The inspiration for the new GPU block name “Vector” came from the sheer computing power of the graphics cards that are on the market today. Naming a water block “Full Cover” isn’t enough these days, when the product is packed with unique features, such as these.