October Budget Buys


It’s that time again and although a bit belated there are still deals to be bought and money to be spent…errr we hope. I could close off this article here and now by simply stating that my sound advice for this month is: save your cash for Black Friday, but where’s the fun in that. Oh, and while I’m at it make sure that you have a TV license on hand for Black Friday as rumor has it you won’t be able to buy a TV without one. Here are the deals, warn the missus and lock your door as we go down another CUD attack.

NEW DEALS (For the Richie Rich’s)

The new 9th Gen CPUs are about to be released. Awesome news but we don’t care because Tech Yes City (and others) has shown us Intel’s true colors on the benchmark tables. Ryzen seems to be your best options if you are looking at blowing your scores all over the internet. Head down to Evetech for the best deals on the Ryzen 2600, 2600x, 2700 and 2700x. With prices starting as low as R3 649 for a 12 thread CPU, performance has never been better value.

Also, on Evetech, some really great deals on the Ryzen 5 1600 upgrade kit that won’t leave you cash strapped and stranded on frame rates. Evetech still has the best prices on DDR4 2666MHz Ram and in case you need to cool down that Ryzen the Antec Mercury 360 will have you splashing in low temps all summer long for only R1 199. Honestly, I bought the Antec Mercury 120 and have not been disappointed (great money for value and a good looker too).

In case you need something to push out all that gaming power, head down to Rebeltech who can sort you out with a Zotac gtx1060 Amp Edition for R4 599 although you might as well wait to pick up a gtx1070 on Black Friday. If Christmas can’t come soon enough, Rebeltech can also kit you out with anything RGB with some great specials on their RGB Ram sticks and SSD Drives.

Wootware has a great special on their Palit RTX 2080 Super JetStream for only R13 999 (AMAZING PRICE, I KNOW!!!). Actually, they have great prices on all their RTX 2080 graphics cards. Aaaaand, if you’re looking for a powerful screen to display that 120 fps on they have some awesome prices on their AOC 24” 144Hz Freesync screens for only R4 649. Damnit, wish these guys would sell groceries. Get more value with watts of power on their Super Flower SF650 80+ Gold Certified PSUs for only R1 499. To wrap it all up they have great Fractal Design cases, that won’t leave your bank account fractured, starting from as little as R649.

SECONDHAND DEALS (For the Scrapyard Diggers)

Carboniters seem a bit thrifty on their secondhand deals this month but you can still catch some pretty great deals on Socket 1151 systems. A few X99, X79 and X58 systems have reared their head for a short duration but those were fostered fairly quickly. If you wanted to upgrade to socket 1151 now is the time though. There are some lekker combos swimming around that are really well priced.

In case you need a new shiny box, there are some pretty great deals on cases including one or two very well priced Inwin cases. Socket 1155 combos seem to be in abundance but very poorly priced at the moment besides one or two deals that were genuine bargains. PRO-TIP: If you have a socket 1155 system and you’re looking to free up some cash for Black Friday now is a great time to get your monies worth.

If you’ve been hunting for some better graphics AMD is your prey. Watch out for the RX570s and RX580s as there are some pretty great deals in this section that will leave your Nvidia mate green with jealousy. Gtx970 prices are a bit high this month but we will probably see a few bargains as the RTX2070s are bought up so it might be worth holding on to your cash for some decent Nvidia fps.

That’s it from me and till next time, may Carbonite give you many safe buys young traveler.


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