Metro Exodus Receives its Second Patch, Improves Integrated Graphics Performance


Just days after receiving its first patch, 4A Games’ Metro Exodus has now received its second patch. The latest patch updates the Steam version of the game to and the Epic Games Store version to

The release notes include a particular oddity – the patch improves performance when using integrated graphics. Given how taxing Metro Exodus is on the system’s graphics card, onboard graphics just won’t cut it for a playable experience. Most lower end graphics cards can’t even offer acceptable performance, so it’s uncertain why the developers would put resources into integrated graphics performance.

As usual, the patch will be automatically installed the next time you launch the game. The full release notes are as follows:

  • General Stability improvements
  • Improved performance for integrated video cards
  • General input responsiveness improvements
  • Fixed various issues with general saving system
  • Fixed other general issues