Intel to Enter Discrete Graphics Market with Intel Xᵉ


For quite some time (years, in fact), Intel has been making noise about entering the discrete graphics cards market. The first talk about the move was with Project “Larrabee” which was due to be released in 2010, but almost a decade later we still don’t have anything to challenge AMD and NVIDIA. Intel Xᵉ is set to change that, and bring a third party into the mix to disrupt the current duopoly.

Intel Xᵉ is set to target all markets, including consumer (gaming), pro-graphics (workstation) and compute (GPGPU). Looking at the graph below, we see a linear increase in performance going from Gen6 all the way up to enthusiast Xᵉ, but for the enterprise datacenter and AI markets we see a massive increase, showing that Intel plans to tackle the lucrative markets currently dominated by AMD Radeon Instinct and NVIDIA Tesla.

Intel Xᵉ will be based on 10nm lithography, and the company plans to use their single stack software philosophy whereby developers can address CPU, GPU, FPGA, and AI all with a single set of APIs.

Intel Xᵉ has been unofficially called “Gen12” until now, and is set to launch in 2020.

Source: AnandTech