Huawei P30 Incoming March 26th


A year after the release of the quite successful P20, Huawei is heading back to the place of previous success with their new flagship. March 26 the world will see the P30 in all it’s glory!

The released video makes it clear that the launch will happen in Paris, and seems to highlight zooming on the camera. We can assume the phone will be released with new and improved zooming capabilities to be one of the main features on the new P30. Samsung is set to host a special event on February 20th, a few days before the Mobile World Congress, but it seems like Huawei is confident enough in their current P20 Pro to delay their own release for a little while longer.

I, for one, can’t wait. With the S10 seeing the light of day this week and the P30 to look forward to, and the MWC in between we are set with mobile news for a while. And while the folding Samsungs might look like a really good attraction, I know I’m not the only one who’s more looking forward to the release of the P30.


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