Cinebench R15 for HEDT Processors Now Available


Cinebench R15 is a good test of a CPU’s speed, but due to it scaling almost linearly with core count it is becoming an extremely quick test. This not only means that a rather unstable CPU can complete a run, but also there can be large fluctuations in scoring as some runs might be completed before thermal throttling even gets a chance to kick in. To combat this, “Hwgeek” has released an unofficially modded version of Cinebench R15 labelled “Cinebench R15 EXTREME!”

The modded version increases the resolution of the render fourfold and results in a linear cut in the final score, with completed runs scoring within a few percentage points of one quarter that of the unmodded version. The test also takes almost four times longer to complete, meaning that thermal throttling and stability become key factors in completing a run.

The modded version has been adopted by the overclocking website HWBOT as an official benchmark with rankings, although it is currently in beta and therefore exempt from scoring. You can download the modded version here