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Metro: Last Light Mini Review


You’re in the metro system’s tunnels, somewhere in Moscow. The world above has been destroyed by nuclear war, leaving most of humanity dead and, other than a few factions of survivors underground, hideously mutated creatures crawling the surface. You’re sitting around a fire with three fellow Rangers, guarding the underground and then… They attack. You open fire on the mutants and they fall one by one. A mutant gets close and personal and, as you stab it in the neck with your knife, morphs back into one of your fellow Rangers. You have been tricked, and as you watch his blood drip from your hands, you notice The Dark One standing in front of you. Everything fades to white, and you wake up from your nightmare.

Rocket League Review


Rockets. Cars. Soccer. Rocket powered cars playing soccer? Now we’re talking, and the answer is Rocket League, the game NVIDIA is currently giving away with certain graphics card purchases. Rocket propelled cars playing soccer is the entirely of the game, although as simply as the concept may seem, the game proves to be incredibly addicting, with one finding oneself constantly saying “just one more round.”