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US-China Trade War to Drive Up Prices of PCs


Recent news has it that Trump is at it again. Heavy taxes from the USA will have a massive influence on us all and we expect that the steel industry, naturally, won’t be the only area affected by a large rise in prices.

Trade wars between the US and China will mean that prices of computers will be drastically affected. As we already know most technological products are manufactured in China these days, because it is way cheaper. Restrictions on exports has already meant that AMD will no longer be able to manufacture their newest x86 server processors in China and export them. These processors will still be manufactured in China but they will only be sold domestically.

EVGA X299 DARK BIOS Update Includes OC Robot and CPU Stress Test


A new BIOS Update is available now for the EVGA X299 DARK Motherboard which features several brand new exclusive features. This new update is further proof of EVGA’s commitment to the enthusiast community, and these new features will also be standard on all future EVGA enthusiast motherboards!

Key Features of the New EVGA GUI BIOS

  • Built in CPU Stress Test – Test your CPU overclock with the click of a button from directly in the BIOS! No reboot needed.
  • EVGA OC Robot – Automatically test and find a stable overclock for your system.
  • Gamer Mode – Set a conservative overclock in seconds.

Mobile Data Soon to be Carried Over


We are all aware of the annoying tendency of data to simply disappear from your cell phone after carefully managing every spent megabyte to make it last. This has been a common “feature” of mobile data since the inception of the concept in South Africa – and finally it seems to near an end. Well, sort of.

Sharkoon Introduces SKILLER SGH3 Gaming Headset with External USB Sound Card


With the SKILLER SGH3, Sharkoon introduces the most versatile stereo headset of the SKILLER series. The Hi-Fi capable 53 mm drivers promise a forceful sound which can be adjusted according to personal preferences via the external USB sound card. The sound card incorporates a hardware equalizer and is supplied with the headset. The straightforward design, detachable microphone and modular cable connections should also make the headset attractive for mobile use.

GIGABYTE AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming Unboxing and Overview


Welcome to the all new 8TH Generation Intel / GIGABYTE AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming ATX Motherboard.

Before we take a closer look at the board itself, though, I’ll be starting off by showing you the box and the contents of the package, which is quite impressive for the price. Once I’ve gone through the package I’ll move onto the board itself and cover all the main features before I end all off with the price.

Cooler Master Releases the Gaming Mouse for Everyone


JULY 10, 2018 – Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components, today announces the release of its new ergonomic ambidextrous RGB gaming mouse, the CM310.

We created a new mouse for gamers that are looking for a comfortable, ambidextrous, RGB gaming mouse that doesn’t break the bank. With the wrap around illumination and 10000 DPI sensor- both performance and looks checkboxes are covered,”says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

AMD and Ubisoft Add FreeSync 2 HDR Support to Far Cry 5


Today, AMD and Ubisoft have raised the bar for fluid, vivid HDR gaming thanks to a new patch from Ubisoft bringing FreeSync 2 HDR support to Far Cry 5. Radeon gamers with supporting FreeSync 2 HDR monitors can select the option for FreeSync 2 while fighting to save Hope Country. FreeSync 2 HDR brings the content displayed on compatible monitors one step closer to the artistic vision of the developer by targeting the display’s brightness, contrast and color gamut capabilities directly.