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Manli Announces GeForce GTX 1080Ti Gallardo with RGB Lights


Established in 1996, Manli Technology has been a major manufacturer and exporter of graphics cards and other components. With headquarters in Hong Kong, Manli’s branches and facilities continue to expand into China, Japan, Korea, Western Europe, and the Middle East.

Manli announced this week that they’ll be rolling two new GTX 1080 Ti models off their production line. The GTX 1080 Ti with RGB models form part of their Gallardo series, which is supposed to represent “elegance” and “bravery.” From the looks of it, they might just hit the target with this name. The golden box features medieval, battle-inspired armour and weapons and certainly exhibits the image they are looking for. That being said, the packaging isn’t what makes the card, so let’s delve a bit deeper.