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We offer a wide range of advertising opportunities on Carbonite, both on the forums and the news site. Full information on advert placement and pricing can be obtained by contacting Ian at [email protected]

Our Demographic Statistics

98 % of our users are male
71 % are between 25 and 44 years old
53 % earn more than R 25,000 per month
48 % have a diploma or degree
37 % are in a managerial or ownership position
61 % advise their companies on IT purchases
41 % make purchases based on advertising
46 % spend at least R 1,000 per month on IT components, while 73% spend at least R 500 per month

What Does This Mean?

Extrapolating these results across the more-than 18,500 registered members we have, R 4.51 million worth of IT purchases by our members are influenced by advertising every month.