Creative’s Super X-Fi Magical Headphone Holography Launches


Creative today announced the launch of the first manifestation of its game-changing Super X-Fi headphone holography technology – the Creative SXFI AMP. Made for Android users, the SXFI AMP combines Super X-Fi technology with a premium high-performance headphone amplifier in a dongle no larger than a finger.

This will be followed very shortly by the availability in the next quarter of the SXFI AIR. Designed with iOS users in mind, the SXFI AIR heralds a whole new generation of advanced headphones that incorporate Super X-Fi technology right into the heart of a Bluetooth headphone. Look out for the full announcement soon. To find out more about the SXFI Air, or to reserve one, visit:

“Since its preview at CES Las Vegas in January this year, Super X-Fi has consistently blown the minds of reviewers with the way it has transformed the listening experience on headphones. Audio pundits have described it as ‘frigging mind-blowing’, ‘magical’, ‘nothing short of amazing’ and that ‘it sounded glorious’. It’s even bagged multiple awards. Pretty amazing, if you consider that all this was based only on sneak demos of a headphone audio technology. Super X-Fi is not just any 3D or surround sound technology; we had that 20 years ago. It’s much, much more. Think of the magic of holography, but for audio, and for headphones. And now the real deal is finally here.

“We’re proud to unveil the first two product manifestations of this magical technology, the SXFI AMP and the SXFI AIR. Both will revolutionize your headphone audio experience with movies, music and games on your smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. Unlike standard headphone audio, where sound is pumped directly into your ears, giving you claustrophobic audio trapped inside your head, Super X-Fi will let you feel as if you were listening to audio coming from the outside world naturally, and your headphones magically disappear!”

– Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative.

About the SXFI AMP

The SXFI AMP delivers the best of two worlds in advanced personalized headphone audio. It incorporates the all-new ‘mind-blowing’ and award-winning Super X-Fi technology which is miniaturized into a dongle no larger than a finger. The SXFI AMP is also a premium high-performance headphone amplifier that is capable of driving even studio-grade headphones.

The SXFI AMP connects to your devices via USB Type-C. You can also add-on appropriate converters to connect other port types. With a USB connection to your PC or Mac, the SXFI AMP can support an advanced feature that lets you enjoy 5.1 and 7.1 cinematic audio content from movies and games, with the magic of a holographic Super X-Fi sound stage that sounds as good as the real thing!

The on-board Super X-Fi UltraDSP chip processes pristine digital audio from the USB port in accordance with your Super X-Fi profile. Such digital audio is then converted to analog by a high-precision DAC and amplified by the on-board amp. The amplified output goes to your headphones via a 3.5mm jack at the other end.

The SXFI AMP’s powerful amplifier can drive any headphone, all the way to studio grade headphones with up to 600 ohm impedance. It uses a separate 128dB high-end high-precision AKM 32-bit DAC. This provides maximum audio fidelity and pristine quality yielding up to 120dB SNR, and 0.0003% THD – easily beating some of the most expensive headphone amps on the market today.

Use the SXFI AMP with headphones that have been Super X-Fi certified for the best possible experience. The SXFI AMP sports an attractive unibody aluminum chassis that makes it slim yet amazingly strong.



  • Chassis: Fine textured black Anodized Aluminum Unibody
  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 17.5 x 67 mm (0.38 x 0.69 x 2.6 inches)
  • Weight: 15g (0.5 ounces)
  • Connector: USB Type-C, 3.5 mm jack


  • DAC: AKM AK4377 (32-bit, 192 dB)
  • Format: 2.0/5.1/7.1 channels, 24-bit/96KHz
  • SNR: Up to 120 dB
  • THD+N: Up to -110 dB (0.0003%)
  • IMD: < 0.0022%
  • Crosstalk: < -75 dB

Audiophile-Grade Op-Amp

  • Gain: 3X Amplification
  • Max Power: (16 ohm) 425 mW, (32 ohm) 370 mW, (300 ohm) 51 mW, (600 ohm) 26 mW


Imagine capturing the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a theater and actually re-creating that same expansive experience – the same depth, detail, soundstage, three dimensionality, immersiveness, realism and more. It’s like the magic of holography, but in audio – for headphones.

Leveraging on leading-edge precision technology that maps the distinct acoustics of an audio system projecting sound to the human ear in three-dimensional space, the Super X-Fi headphone holography technology intelligently translates that complex information into an almost identical listening experience on the headphones – an experience unprecedented and breathtaking.

In addition, everybody hears sound differently in the real world, depending on the shape of one’s ears and structure of the head. Super X-Fi further uses Artificial Intelligence to map the individual’s ear shape and head profile, then utilizes a computationally complex algorithm to transform and custom tailor the audio to each individual, so that it sounds like what they hear in the real world.

Pricing and Availability

The SXFI AMP is priced at SGD219 (USD149.99) and will be available for purchase at starting from 18:34 (SG Time) on 24 September 2018. The SXFI AMP will be rolled-out in Singapore first. Worldwide delivery is expected to commence in November 2018.

Super X-Fi Early Adopter’s Special

Early Adopters ordering the SXFI AMP during its initial launch period will also receive a complimentary pair of Aurvana SE Super X-Fi Certified Headphones worth SGD99 (US$69). This offer will be available for a limited period only, and while stocks last.

Go to to reserve this Early Adopter’s Special now, as pent-up demand is expected to be huge for the product.

Free SXFI App

A FREE standalone version of the SXFI App will be available soon. It will be offered initially on a by-invitation-only basis. SXFI AMP owners will be able to enable friends, including iOS users, to sample the app by a special invite. This free version will allow them to sample the magic of Super X-Fi with the local content stored on their devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB South African Pricing Revealed


Last week we revealed Apple’s iPhone Xs pricing, to which more than 90 % of people replied that they would not be considering the device. If you were one of them, one of the biggest rivals to the Apple is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is available in a 512 GB model.

If 512 GB isn’t enough storage, the Note 9 also supports a microSD card with capacities of up to 512 GB, giving you a potential 1 TB storage on your phone.

Intel Adds to Portfolio of FPGA Programmable Acceleration Cards to Speed Up Data Center Computing


Intel today extended its field programmable gate array (FPGA) acceleration platform portfolio with the addition of the new Intel Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) with Intel Stratix 10 SX FPGA, Intel’s most powerful FPGA. This high-bandwidth card leverages the Acceleration Stack for Intel Xeon CPU with FPGAs, providing data center developers a robust platform to deploy FPGA-based accelerated workloads. Hewlett Packard Enterprise* will be the first OEM to incorporate the Intel PAC with Stratix 10 SX FPGA along with the Intel Acceleration Stack for Intel Xeon Scalable processor with FPGAs into its server offering.

Intel Targets 5G Infrastructure with Latest Silicon Photonics Technology


Intel today announced details on the expansion of its portfolio of 100G silicon photonics transceivers beyond the data center and into the network edge. At the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Rome, Intel unveiled specifics on new silicon photonics products that are optimized to accelerate the movement of massive amounts of data being generated by new 5G use cases and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The latest 100G silicon photonics transceivers are optimized to meet the bandwidth requirements of next-generation communications infrastructure while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

HyperX Expands SSD Lineup with FURY RGB SSD


Sunbury on Thames, UK – September 24th, 2018 – HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products,today announced the release of HyperX FURY RGB SSD and HyperX SAVAGE EXO SSD. The FURY RGB SSD is designed for gamers looking to load games faster and smoother while brightening and enhancing their rigs with more colour and LED lighting. Savage EXO SSD is a performance external SSD that can be used to store and run applications quickly and directly from the device. Both SSDs utilise 3D NAND technology for better power efficiency and durability, delivering high read and write speeds, 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive.

World War 3 System Requirements Revealed


The Farm 51’s upcoming futuristic multiplayer FPS, World War 3, is available for pre-order on Steam. This, of course, means that the system requirements are now available. For those who don’t have the power to play the latest Battlefield or Call of Duty titles, you might still be able to play World War 3 as the requirements are pretty lax.

In case you don’t know what the game is about, the Steam page sums it up nicely:

Widen Your World with the Galaxy A7


LONDON, UK – September 21, 2018 – Samsung Electronics co., Ltd. today announced the Galaxy A7, the latest addition to the Galaxy A series family. With a powerful rear triple camera, sleek design and must have everyday features, the innovative Galaxy A7 is the ultimate device for wherever life leads you.

“Samsung is committed to delivering meaningful innovation to all consumers across the Galaxy family, no matter who they are or where they are in the world” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “That’s why we’re excited to introduce innovative new features to the A series with the Galaxy A7, a practical but powerful device that is built to help make your everyday both convenient and extraordinary.”

Samsung Introduces the New Galaxy J6+ and J4+ Smartphones


LONDON, UK – September 21, 2018 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the newest members of the Galaxy J series, the Samsung Galaxy J6+ and J4+.

“The Galaxy J6+ and J4+ further draw on the fundamentals of the Galaxy portfolio’s heritage of innovation to bring incredible style and technology at a highly-competitive price point,” said Kate Beaumont, Director of Product, Services & Commercial Strategy, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland.

“Featuring a stunning design and display, enhanced camera experience and high-performance capabilities, both products enable users to get even more out of their Galaxy J smartphone for longer than ever before.”

EVGA Precision X1 Released for GeForce RTX 20-Series


The first release of EVGA Precision X1 tuning software is available now for GeForce RTX 20-Series Graphics Cards (GTX support coming soon).

EVGA Precision X1 offers a brand new layout, new codebase, new features and more making it faster, easier and better than ever.

When combined with an EVGA iCX2 Technology supported graphics cards, EVGA Precision X1 unlocks even more features with real time temperature sensor monitoring, async fan control and real time power wattage monitoring.

Metal Gear Solid (1998) Intro Remastered in Unreal Engine 4


Unreal Engine 4 has been making some rather large waves lately, with our newest find being a remake of the intro scene of 1998’s Metal Gear Solid done in the engine (in case you missed it, we had an article earlier today about the opening scene for Half-Life being remade in Unreal Engine 4).

Made by Erasmus Brosdau, the remake has remastered sound and various market place assets. Once again, the engine shows just how impressively versatile it really is.

Strange Things “Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings” Taught Me


As a long-time Age of Empires II player, there are quite a few things that I have learnt about the world that I would otherwise not have believed.

Here are the top 12 things I’ve learnt from playing Age of Empires II (and its expansion pack, but this is relevant to both) in no particular order:

SteelSeries Announces New Limited-Edition Peripherals


CHICAGO – September 20, 2018 – SteelSeries, the global leader in gaming peripherals, in collaboration with Valve, is proud to announce a limited-edition line of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) branded peripherals. The new mouse and mousepad feature a design based on CS:GO’s most legendary gun skin, the M4A4 Howl.

Razer Launches Pro-Grade Broadcaster Headset


Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers; today announced the Razer Ifrit, a feature-packed, discreet headset for broadcasters; who need more freedom on camera but require professional-quality sound via the adjustable condenser microphone.

The Razer Ifrit has a low-profile dual earset design with a professional-grade, adjustable condenser microphone and flat frequency response in-ear headphones – perfect for broadcasters needing minimal visibility of their audio equipment but still deliver professional quality audio to their recordings.

NVIDIA Turing SDKs Now Available


NVIDIA’s Turing architecture is one of the biggest leaps in computer graphics in 20 years. Here’s a look at the latest developer software releases to take advantage of this cutting-edge GPU.

Half-Life Opening Scene Remade in Unreal Engine 4


For those of you who won’t know, a small indie studio called SilverTM has been working on a remake of Half-Life in Unreal Engine 4 called Project Lambda. The graphics and environment are absolutely breathtaking, although it may be argued that the original game had a very unique atmosphere.

The below video shows the opening tram rail scene, which is likely to blow you away once it heads outdoors. The tram rail bending is also incredibly impressive, as are the lighting effects. The images below are from Project Lambda as well as some of their other works. As per the thumbnail, absolutely no commentary is required as it really does speak for itself.

Devil May Cry 5 System Requirements Revealed


Capcom’s upcoming game, Devil May Cry 5, is now available for pre-order on Steam, which means the system requirements are now available for all to see. The requirements are actually fairly beefy, needing a Core i7-4770 just to get out of bed in the morning.

For those of you who missed the previous games in the series and have no idea what it’s about, the Steam pages sums it up as follows:

South African iPhone Prices Revealed


An older, second hand car or a new phone? That is the choice you have to consider when buying a new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. iStore, the official distributor for the phones in South Africa, has revealed pricing for the phones which are available for pre-order from today and available in stores from 28 September.

For those who missed the announcement, you can see the full details here. For those who can’t afford the full amount upfront, iStore is also offering FNB payment plans. The pricing is as follows:

ENERMAX Presents the New RevoBron TGA Power Supply Series


Hamburg 20th September 2018 – ENERMAX introduces the new RevoBron TGA (TUF Gaming Allicance) power supply series.

ENERMAX, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance power supplies, has launched RevoBron TGA in partnership with ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance. RevoBron TGA is an ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance tested and certified gaming power supply that ensures compatibility with other gaming components in the alliance. The semi-modular gaming power supply is equipped with several innovations and supports a high industry standard, making it the ideal power supply for TUF gaming PCs.

motorola one Has You Ready for the Unexpected


The new motorola one has you connected, accessible, secured, and ready for all of life’s unexpected moments when you will want to rely on your smartphone.

With more battery power, unlimited storage space for images and videos and greater security, the newest smartphone in the Motorola family – motorola one – gives you the confidence to do what you want, when you want. It’s smart, it’s simple, it’s a smartphone experience personalised to you.

Ubuntu Virtual Machine Available in Microsoft Hyper-V Gallery


Canonical’s Ubuntu Desktop image is now available from the Hyper-V gallery, ensuring Linux users make the most of Microsoft’s Enhanced Session Mode.

The virtual machine image is easily actioned by typing “Hyper-V Quick Create” into the start menu, or by choosing Ubuntu from the list of operating systems in the Hyper-V Gallery.

Thermaltake Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition Designed for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080/2080Ti Graphic Cards


Taipei, Taiwan-September 20th, 2018-Thermaltake Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition RGB water block is officially available for pre-order on the TT Premium website. The RGB water block is especially designed for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphic cards. The Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition combines style with functionality; designed with a software-controllable 16.8 million colors LED strip that allows users to customize the lighting effects through our patented TT RGB PLUS Software with the TT AI Voice Control function and Amazon Alexa Voice Service. The RGB waterblock features 0.5mm internal fin construction and a high-flow water block that enables the coolant to flow directly over all critical areas, and the CNC machined copper base fully prevents corrosion to achieve unparalleled cooling performance. Thermaltake also took user convenience into consideration when crafting the Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series. Through the universal mounting mechanism, users can easily install the RGB waterblock onto their graphic card without using any tools. The Pacific V-RTX 2080 Plus Series Founders Edition delivers superior cooling performance, functionality, and customized RGB style for PC builders.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Gaming Luminous SSD and High-End Memory Release New Models with Ultimate Specs


TEAMGROUP’s gaming brand, T-FORCE is expanding its product series. The recently announced, new generation of 2.5-inch RGB solid state drive – DELTA RGB SSD, and the international award winning XTREEM both release new models today, bringing extreme computer performance to satisfy global gamers’ desire for blazing fast performance.

Lian Li Introduces LANCOOL ONE White Edition, Champagne Special Edition Global Giveaway


Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd., world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis for enthusiasts, custom OEM/ODM case solutions and case accessories is pleased to announce the debut of the LANCOOL ONE White Edition chassis and to celebrate this exciting release, Lian Li is proud to announce the commemorative LANCOOL ONE Special Edition. A special, customized variation of the White Edition, the LANCOOL ONE Special Edition features a crafted champagne gold front panel that exudes elegance and class. This rare beauty is a limited production run and is exclusively available for this occasion only. And Lian Li is giving away this special chassis for its global followers!

80 PLUS Certification


The 80 PLUS initiative was launched in 2004 by Ecos Consulting to promote energy efficiency, which results in lower power consumption, less heat output, and therefore greater reliability. The first 80 PLUS PSU was brought to market by Seasonic early the next year. There are currently over 6,400 PSUs in the 80 PLUS database, with more joining the ranks all the time. This is a clear indication that it has been a success and become an industry standard.

BIOSTAR Presents Professional Crypto Mining Motherboards with TB360-BTC Expert and TB360-BTC PRO


September 19th, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR, a leader in crypto mining motherboards, introduces two new BTC series professional crypto mining motherboards – TB360-BTC Expert and TB360-BTC PRO. Fully optimized for professional crypto mining, the TB360-BTC Expert and TB360-BTC PRO support 17 x PCI-E 3.0 and 12 x PCI-E 3.0 expansion slots respectively. Packed with features for scaling up professional mining operations of any size, the TB360-BTC Expert and TB360-BTC PRO ensure a rock-solid mining system with improved mining performance. The BIOSTAR TB360-BTC series is also the first crypto mining motherboards based on the B360 and H370 chipset, which can support 8th generation Intel Core processors.